News from the Farm for the New Year

Happy New Year! One of the major consolations of working with nature is that resurgence and change are a constant. This month we've been busy as ever: moving the herd, taking care of the myriad tasks of daily farming, selling our amazing White Park beef at the local markets ("It's the best steak I've ever had!" - Nigel, Market Director Adur & Worthing Council), and celebrating a very special birthday - our wonderful Aberdeen Angus bull, Hamish, has just turned 7! 

Here he is, stepping out of the woods to enjoy a bit of much needed wintery sun. He's currently outwintering with a few friends in a pocket of Caffyns Wood and the neighbouring field where they are free to browse and shelter. Hamish had some extra patting and stroking to celebrate, but no cake.

News from the Farm

Amongst the group outwintering on the Farm is Terrence, one of Wych Mallard, our White Park bull’s progeny - pictured below looking understandably a little dishevelled due to the weather. Terrence’s mother, Lola still enjoys being apart from the main herd but also relates to human company. She is very happy amongst the trees.


Although he's black, this calf is listed as White Park; it is possible, but rare, for a White Park bull to throw black calves. Lola and her calf Terrence, then only two weeks old were honoured guests at our Danefold Country Market last July. We held a naming competition and the winner was one of our lovely customers from Ashington. Terrence was definitely the most suitable name for this calf (there were many football related suggestions… and others even less suitable).

The remainder of the herd are safely in the barns at Danefold, with the majority of the White Parks overwintering on the Downs at Wiston, but being moved, as this is written, to National Trust ground at East Clayton near Storrington. It's a privilege and a joy to work with these beautiful animals, and to do so in collaboration with wonderful neighbours whose values align so closely with ours.