News from the Farm - June


Farmers always talk about the weather! It has been particularly hard to fathom this spring - with a long period with heat and no rain, followed by so much heavy rain the grass grew too vigorously, then potential hay fell over making it difficult to mow. Grazing pastures threatened to be poached as the cattle chomped through the paddocks. We are never satisfied!  Calves continue to pop out unhindered, they are not bothered what the weather brings.

Our next White Park beef will be ready shortly.

We are very excited about the second Danefold Country Market, the first one having been a huge success. The number of cars was approximately 1000 overall with a head count of at least 1600+. The parking was superbly and safely organised by an expert group of volunteers. We were blessed with a sunny but not too hot day, the atmosphere was tremendous as everyone enjoyed the beautiful open field and took advantage of the permissible freedom after the long, sometimes dreary, months of lockdown. There were lots of old friends and familiar faces, many from the West Grinstead area and from further afield. The variety of stalls was amazing - something for all tastes from the edible and drinkable to the useful and decorative. Everyone seemed to go home with bulging shopping baskets.

There was wonderful live jazz to enhance the happy mood and delicious refreshments were available throughout the day, courtesy of members of West Grinstead Parish. As for the beef burgers and minute steak sandwiches - if you missed them in May you must try them when you come on Saturday 31st July!

Once again there will be free parking and entry with a safe “in and out” system for cars. The stalls will be socially distanced and there will be plenty of space to move around freely, to enjoy all the market has to offer. This includes even more stalls than at our previous market and as before ranging from Danefold beef and burgers to artisan bread, oils and almonds, from fresh flowers, dried flowers, olives and cheese to gin and carved wooden items and much, much more besides. Once again there will be live music and demonstrations and as well as refreshments and a beer/drinks tent.



Saturday 3rd July

9am - 2pm

Great Little Farmers Market

Goring Road High Street BN12 4AH


Saturday 17th July, 9am -1pm

Saturday 21st August 9am - 1pm

High Street and by the river BN18 9PA


Saturday 31st July

9am - 4pm

Danefold Farms RH13 8EJ (exact post code for field)

We very much look forward to seeing you at the regular markets now that they are up and running again, and of course at our very own Danefold Country Market.