News from the Farm - May

The cattle are all out in the fields now, both here at Danefold and with the majority of the White Park at Wiston. It was, as ever, a joy to see them rush out of the barns and skip onto the pasture with a lot of bucking and enthusiastic activity.  Back in early March, the first of our calves this year was born and since then we have had another twenty-four from both Aberdeen Angus and White Park cows as well as the Shorthorn. With the exception of one or two the calves have all been born outside and are shaping up nicely.

We now offer online purchasing, which can be done using a click and collect system. This month’s click and collect days will be at Arundel Market on Sat 15/05/21 and Danefold Country Market on 29/05/21. A White Park is now hanging with our butcher in Wiston and another will be going there tomorrow.

On 21st March Danefold Farms became Pasture For Life certified. This means that we have been recognised as a farm with cattle that are only fed grass with no concentrates, grain or other additives.  We are delighted to be part of an association that brings together British farmers committed to producing high quality food in a more natural way.